Windows firewall message

Hi Everyone -

I’m new here, so if this is posted in the wrong place, or if I’ve missed this topic elsewhere on the forums, please tell me. I’m installing Unreal for the first time, and Windows is giving me a security alert saying its firewall “has blocked some features of the program” - it’s asking me to allow access or cancel. I’m assuming it’s safe to allow access?

Thanks for reading! (see attached image)

It’s normal, when a program needs to access the internet it makes sure with you that it’s OK.

Oh, okay - thanks so much!

If you said ‘Cancel’ is it possible to ‘Allow Access’ again without having to reinstall the game?

Normally it should pop up again when you start it another time -> otherwise do a right click on it + “run as admin” :slight_smile:

Or do a search for Windows Firewall from the start menu, on the left there’s an option to allow a program through Windows Firewall, you can either find the program in the list and then enable it for your network or if it’s not listed you can add it.