Windows Export Cook failed

Hey there,

My project is almost done for a first pre-alpha release. However i just tried to cook the project to see if everything works alright. Anyway, it did not…

That is my error log.
I noticed i got a lot of shader errors and physx errors, however i don’t get these when i actually play the game.
Can someone tell me what’s wrong?


I think the shader map warnings are innocuous - I see those often while cooking builds.

The ‘illegal collision shapes’ physx error on the other hand is likely the culprit. Check your physics actors in Map.umap for collision setup issues. IMO it is perfectly normal for your cooked build to throw up errors that you don’t see in editor sessions (which tend to be far more forgiving of setup errors, bad assets, etc). I usually spend a ton of time fixing packaging issues like these that only manifest while cooking a project.

Also to confirm, are the logs you posted from Cook.txt or just the project logs in your saved directory? I’ve found Cook.txt often contains additional clues.


Well i’ve had a weird bug for over a month now. Every time i turn on simulate physics, it all falls through the ground. Even though all collision is set up correct. Could it be this issue?

Hmm I don’t think that should cause a packing error, but for that specific bug - make sure #1 you’ve setup your physics asset in PhAT correctly and #2 you’ve set your collision profile to blockall or a suitable equivalent (this caught me recently, I thought simply setting Simulate Physics to true would activate the collision objects I setup in PhAT but that wasn’t the case)

Also use the process of elimination to narrow down the problematic asset. First remove Map.umap completely and see if packing works, next try removing specific physics actors completely from your project and pack (with a backup of course).

If all else fails, I suggest trying AnswerHub with a bug report; migrate any problematic assets you’ve identified to a test project so you can have Epic look at it directly (and include Cook.txt logs)