Windows Crash

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I’m very new here and not sure if this the right place for my question, anyway, the problem is this: imported a fbx file of my own, put a material on it, then hit the play button and start spinning around it (just basic navigation); after a few seconds (sometimes more, sometimes less than 10-20 sec) the scene freezes, and not only the editor stopped working, but I have no mouse, no keyboard, the OS itself (Windows 7) stopped working and I need to restart the computer; so, am I doing something wrong, could be something about the fbx file, is it a known issue ?

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Welcome! Are you using an AMD card? Also, could you post your DxDiag here? Anything in the event viewer? Thanks.

I’ve had very similar problem. Make sure you have a material set on your 3d model before exporting to FBX, in your 3D application.

Having no material set in the FBX and then setting one in UE4 causes a crash in recent versions.

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Using an Asus AMD Radeon R9 380; so what video card type would work better ? DX diag attached, in the event viewer there’s an ASGT.exe which I don’t know what it is, otherwise nothing about the windows crash; since that crash I made some other tests, re-exported my model and then got crashes when importing the new fbx file, but only the engine, not the OS; now, after more tests everything seems to work fine except for the fact that the object pivot is miles away from the object itself.

My best guess with regards to the initial problem is that the object being parented to a helper (cryengine export ready) or the shader (which was also a cry shader) generated the error, though I don’t understand why the os crashed too…
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I have a multi-material set on the model but with no textures; now it seems to work, though not sure about the cause of the crashes, could be a material problem, I had a Cry export setup (incl material) on that asset.
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