Windows builds fail because of missing UE4-LaunchDaemonMessages.lib

On Unreal Engine 4.13.1, creating a windows build fails because of a missing library, the error message is:

LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.13\Engine\Binaries\Win32\UE4-LaunchDaemonMessages.lib’

This happens for both win32 and win64 builds. This happens even on the example projects. I’ve not installed any plugins except for the SkookumScript plugin.

Hi ,

I have a few questions to try to narrow down what is happening here.

  • Are you building the Engine, or your project?
  • If you are building your project, are you using the binary version of the Engine installed by the Launcher, or did you build the Engine from source code?
  • Are you trying to build in Visual Studio? If so, what are your Solution Configuration and Solution Platform settings?
  • Exactly how are you starting the build?
  • I’m building my project.
  • I’m building with the version installed by the launcher
  • I’m starting the build from the Unreal Engine editor
  • I’m selecting the File/Package Project/Windows/Windows 32 Bit menu option and select a new empty directory as the target directory

If it helps, I’ve also tried the ‘verify’ option on the engine install in the launcher.

After digging around for a bit, it does look like this is something that involves the Skookum Script plugin. I was able to reproduce the issue you described when I tried packaging with the plugin enabled, and when I disabled it the project packaged fine. Are you able to package without the plugin enabled?

I still have some additional testing that I want to do next week to narrow this down as much as possible.

Yes, without the plugin I’m able to package, so that seems to be the issue indeed. Sorry for the troubles.

Hi ,

Unfortunately I have been unable to determine if the root cause of this issue lies in the Engine, or if it is something within Skookum Script that is causing it. I have entered UE-37361 to have this investigated further.