Windows 7 with Unreal Engine

Hello everyone,
I have a problem that needs to be solved. I am building a new computer soon. Here are the specs
I need to know what OS would work well. Windows 7 or Windows 10? I will be programming, gaming, and using Unreal Engine a lot.
Thanks in advance,

I think unreal only works on a 64-bit OS. I tried to install it on a 32-bit OS but it wouldn’t run. Based on my experience, Windows 7 64-bit works completely fine. I don’t have any experience using it on Windows 10 though so I can’t really comment on that.

You need 64bit os, and win 7 64 bit works flawlessly with unreal.

Either Windows 7 or Windows 10 is fine

I’ve never tried UE4 on Windows 7 but on Windows 10 64bit it runs flawlessly.

tried on win 7 64 bit …wont work

But it works, using unreal engine on win 7 64 bit without problems.

Closing as this thread is from almost 3 years ago. :slight_smile: