Windows 7 with Unreal Engine

Hello fellow Unreal Engine users! I have a question. I am building my first PC and I’m planning to use Windows 7, and planning to keep using it until its extended support ends. Will UE be supporting it for that long? I assume it will since the computer that they use in the livestreams use Windows 7.

I wouldn’t worry about them dropping support for Windows 7 any time soon, most likely that would change if there’s some significant tech development that they want to take advantage of that Windows 7 can’t, or when Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.

With the Vulkan Support that UE4 will soon have there is actually no relevant reason to use anything else than Windows 7 if you like it more than the newer ones. I also plan to stay on Windows 7 for as long as possible :smiley:

I too might roll back to windows 7 for now, am not too fond of win 10.