Windows 7 vs Windows 10??

I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install.
Windows 10 does not ask the user whether to install updates or not.Let me know your views on which to choose a version of the window.

Windows 10.

If you don’t mind the learning curve and such, there is always Linux.
With the right hardware, you can run Windows in a VM, while still giving it bare metal access to your GPU.
All depends on what you need to do I guess.

Ahem… apologies for going slightly off topic.

Back to the choice of Windows.
There are a number of ways to disable/remove preinstalled programs, features and services.
Personally used some in the past, such as Debloat Windows 10.
Surely has to be such a thing for the update services as well?

Since the newest Windows 10 update you can block updates for quite a long time. Also there are multiple programs that can even further block updates.

However, win10 is superior in almost any way and Im using it since its release day 4 years ago with almost no issues. Same goes for work.

Having that said, Linux is a good alternative to try out :slight_smile:

Win 10. It has great updates, it’s store only works on 10, you can install linux based apps via store, has a good amout of QoL features.
Also, Win 7 is nearing it’s end of life, which means no Win 7 security updates.

I’m gonna have to recommend 10 as well. The latest big update really did make it superior if you had complaints prior to now. They removed cortana from search which was always a big deal for me. They made a lot of serious changes under the hood for performance etc all around. And it got a bunch of other great changes this time around. The latest round of changes puts a lot of polish on things and makes 10 feel more like a finished product. Up till now 10 still felt unfinished to me and it still is in a sense but nothing like before.

Worst case is you end up going back to 7 though I don’t recommend using it these days.