Windows 7 video driver crash on launch

When I decided to download unreal engine today. I ran into a problem when I tried starting a new project, and opening it I saw editor for about a second then screen went all black, then a few minutes later screen went back to normal and a notification that video driver had crashed popped up. however when I tried bringing up editor it just didn’t pop up. I also tried bringing up epic games launcher and that didn’t work either…

I use windows 7 just to be clear.

Hi MasterOzinlll,

I’ve assigned a member of our support staff to look into this for you, and they’ll post here if they have some questions for you. I believe we’re going to need to at least see your dxdiag before offering anything useful, however, so please attach that in a reply here. Thanks!

link text

Here’s my dxdiag. If you need anything else let me know. :slight_smile:

If I am reading this right, your video driver is a bit old. Not sure this would fix it, but it would be a start…

okay I’ll start updating windows. after that I’ll test it, and send you another dxdiag if it doesn’t work.

Alright looks like updating windows worked. Thanks! :slight_smile: