Windows 11 & TPM enforcement

Seems that there could be huge rise of Linux(most notably *Ubuntu i guess) in the light of Windows 11 is forcing to use TPM. There are tons of PC-s that have no TPM or user do not want to use TPM.

What is your stance on forcing TPM?

If your PC is too old to have it then you’re not likely to be the type that would switch to Linux rather than just not upgrade to Windows 11.

I personally have a support pins on my x470 board, i just have to buy it if i really need it. Interesting to know what others think and any concerns about TPM?

Got any links to TPM concerns? Whenever trust / trusted comes out of Microsoft - be afraid be very afraid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This classic link gets posted from time to time. So is this Win11 TPM move more mission creep from Microsoft towards yet more control, or does it offer user benefits?

The blues are back in power, but the reds are now calling for anti-trust investigations into Microsoft. They get off too lightly anyway versus the other usual suspects. Like here for example. Personally I bought an Acer recently and was told by support that it has to be sent back to the factory (at my expensive ofc) to get it fixed, so that Linux can be installed. FFS! Enough of this BS. The Italians were onto something here, pity it just didn’t catch on!.

But overall, I can’t see Linux ever taking off which is beyond sad. Its definitely more work for game dev anyway (source build / no flatpack). But at least there’s still small tech shops that offer general purpose web surfing laptops with Ubuntu/Mint dual-boot Win7 at least. You can even run 4.18 on those, so its good for creating prototypes on the train or whatever.

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Not any specific link, just what i have found with classic google searches. Lets see what others post here…

This could be future plan to Microsoft to take monopoly control in future:

Win11 insists on Microsoft account + internet connection before you can use your PC. Home version anyway. So roll-on the choke hold on users… That was one plus of Win10. So you could run airgapped UE! In a ransomware-as-a-service world that had obvious advantages!

Half the planet still has very little internet connectivity. So what are those users to do? Its time for consumer lawsuits and less cowardly politicians / regulators. Every week there’s another announcement of a probe into big-tech. Great more reports, so where’s the action? I blame the lawyers, everything has really been about them. Its not just Microsoft monopoly. Clearview-AI scrapes to Airbnb cover-ups couldn’t happen without tacit political approval.


Forcing tmp 1.2 is bad and Pluton which @AE_3DFX linked, is way worse. It will cause x86 to become closed system like mac under the authority of ms. Putting pluton on cpu will block all other os and non certified softwares. This is unfair as windows ecosystem was originally designed to be fully open.

I will never buy a cpu with pluton (zen4 and intel will have pluton) or update to windows 11. May be in time Europian risv and arm cpus without pluton may come to DIY market.

It is good that unreal editor and engine is working solid on linux for the first time ever with UE5. Previous unreal opengl, vulkan implementation were broken, and much slower than dx11-12, but it’s equal now. Now what needed is to find a way to cook for windows from linux, so that I’ll never have to run win 11.


Found this article, maybe OpenTitan could be more trustworthy by public. I do not know i am no expert and just now found out about OpenTitan.

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