Windows 11 crashing for anyone else when going into geometry mode?

I was commenting the other day on how Windows 11 updates weren’t breaking everything the way Windows 10 updates did. But now I’m consistently getting serious problems when entering geometry mode, and this started happening recently.

The editor freezes, mouse movement gets choppy, and I’m unable to open Task Manager to shut down the editor. I get an annoying beep sound when I try using the mouse.

Is this happening to anyone else? Do you have a fix?

Annoying beep sound, sounds a bit like a stuck keyboard key or mouse button. Could it be?

Nope. Only happens when I open geometry mode, right after I open geometry mode. Never happens at any other time. I know it’s going to happen because after I click the geometry mode button, the popup doesn’t disappear. And the beep only happens when I try moving or clicking the mouse after entering geometry mode.