Windows 10 with UE4 and all related game design programs

I didn’t find much in regards to windows 10 via search, and what I did find was a bit outdated. Has anyone upgraded to windows 10? Does UE4 work fine in windows 10 and how about other programs like blender to be specific? I’m contemplating making the jump due to having a free upgrade with my new computer, but Microsoft has a history with troublesome early OS issues. Anyone in the know that can help would be great. Thanks!

UE4 works perfectly in Windows 10, in fact, I have yet to find anything that doesn’t work even outside of UE4 since upgrading, you don’t even have to re-install your programs with the Windows 10 upgrade.

Although you should, do an entire wipe/reformat/fresh install win 10

Ive been developing on Win10 with UE4 for about a week now and its great. Haven’t had any issues at all.

I plan to do a full format/reinstall of the OS once the new patch is released, so currently im working on an Upgraded system and it hasn’t faulted yet.

Although Win10 has a few issues itself, there haven’t been any that have impeded my ability to develop efficiently with UE4.

Yes, I actually had quite a few driver issues until I got an SSD and did a fresh install, now everything it top notch.

I have been using UE4 on Win 10 for several months. Works great.