Windows 10 Home 15063.332, makes "menus invisible" (again)

This is for UE4.12 and up.
(Tested in UE4.12.5, 4.13.2 & 4.15.3)
Please know that 4.15.3 already crashes a lot on my computer since it appears to continuously go into hung state. Non the less, the menus are slow / tedious / invisible / out of bounds…

After some google searches I ended up on UE-36752, which was linked from

I would like to let Epic know (and or others), that the latest Windows 10 Home, 15063.332 (the creator version), does this as well.

I have attempted to add the “-opengl” to the shortcut exe, however, to no avail on my end.
I have attempted to add “-D3D12” to the shortcut exe… It does something… But mostly zooming to things that should not be zoomed.
Also attempted the “//WindowExStyle |= WS_EX_COMPOSITED;” solution provided in UE-36752, does not appear to fix anything either.

I’m glad that my graduation project for school is not an unreal project… … …

Good luck in fixing this.