Windows 10 Help

Hi, I just built my first pc and now I’m working with ue4 and blender. My friend would also like to work with ue4 but has 32 bit windows…he upgraded to windows 10 for free. Now I was wondering if I could do a clean install on his computer with my 64 windows 10 iso files, and his product key would activate it. I heard you could do a clean install after upgrading but I was wondering if it work since I’m trying to get him 64bit.

You first need to check if his PC is compatible with 64-bit Windows and UE4. It’s likely that he doesn’t meet the hardware requirements to run UE4 if his PC is running 32-bit Windows.

He can install Windows 10 64-Bit, but he will have to do a clean install, so files will need to be backed up and programs reinstalled afterwards: How to Upgrade Windows 7, 8 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit |