Windows 10 as Main OS ?!

Hi ,
I’m using WIN 8.1 and I want to re-install windows , I was just wondering is Windows 10 stable to use as a UE4 developer ?!

Ive been using the Win10 preview for quite a while now as my main OS. No issues with UE4 or any other app so far. Just have to put up with the occasional windows OS update (Which is pretty much a reinstall of windows, except you shouldn’t loose access to your already installed apps).

You mean shouldn’t loose access right? I was about to install Windows 10 too. As upgrade.

You mean shouldn’t loose access right? I was about to install Windows 10 too. As upgrade.

Ha oops, thanks for pointing that out, fixed.

I’ve been having trouble with it. I installed Windows 10 preview after having run Windows 7 on my main box and the editor crashes every time I hit the “play” button. I can run UT fine though. Not sure what the issue is as the error is nondescript.

I just got to use windows 10! It sucks! Don’t upgrade! I repeat, Windows 10 sucks! It makes ME look stable! (Well with my experiance with it!)
This is of course just my opinion.

Explain your experience if you have a problem with it.

From my testing, it’s a big improvement over Windows 8, main thing is the more usable start menu and that they’ve recombined some of the settings that were split out in 8.

If they remove the remaining (quite a lot of) bugs this is a great release. But the OS now is really challenged for one thats to be released end of next month. Especially the “Modern” UI stuff. Probably noone ever used it before so they have to cure all the things noone told them are broken before. lol

It crashes non-stop! The UI, Although an improvement from 8, Is still stupid. (That one is an opinion.) It had problems running XP era games. And Vista era. It is SOOO SLOW! And the forced updates are a pain in my rear. I uninstalled it and went back to XP!
Here is a funny thing… Windows 8 works better on the same computer!

I haven’t had crashing issues—as for the UI, I think it’s usable enough and there’s generally just improvements that have to be gotten used to simply because they’re different, not because they’re bad.

I’ve had problems running XP/Vista games in Windows 7, so that’s not really new. If you’re running Windows XP, I have to wonder if your system might just be too old/underpowered in the first place.

Didnt they start to use new processor instruction unconditionally? That would explain continuous crashing. Though I would think they would block installation on unsupported processors.

No, it’s not to underpowered. I just really only ever use Linux. I have a AMD 3.6ghz cpu, a GTX 550ti, 8Gb mem… I don’t think that is underpowered for windows 10.