Windows 10 and DirectX12 release on July 29th - Unreal support?

Windows 10 will be released to the public on July 29th:

Will there be a version of UE4 supporting DX12 until then?

What is there in DX12 you really want/need? What problems are you facing if support for DX12 comes a few months later?

I would prefer stability of the engine on Windows 10 instead of support for DX12 from day 1 of the release of Win10.

I’m sure after the official win10/dx12 release there will be a UE4 branch with dx12 support publicly available sometime afterwards :slight_smile: don’t expect a day one release though :stuck_out_tongue: it would be kinda pointless.

For now I believe there is an early access program from microsoft that you can sign up for (google it :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know any further details).

I had pretty smooth experience with UE4 on W10, actually 3/4 of SuperGrid assets were made during this time :slight_smile:
So I doubt that you will experience loss of stability with migration to W10.

As for DirectX 12 - version of UE4 with DX12 support already exist, but you have to get early dev. access right here
I think(It’s only my speculation) it goes public after W10 release

unreal 4 already supports directx12 if you are a member of the windows directx12 developer or something like this you can already use it and access the source code for it in ue4 and it is already beiing use in games like Favle legends which is made in ue4

I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets added officially with version 4.9

I, for one, welcome the lower driver overhead. Large amounts of individual meshes without working with instancing? Yes please.

I requested dev access for dx12 twice now. Don’t get your hopes up.

A shame really, I had planned a “day 1” release of a small descent-style flight sim using dx12 and VR. At least I can still do a Rift day-1 release. I wonder if Epic is holding off on 4.8 until Win10 is released for the DX12 support. It would be a smart move imho.

Though I fear, by looking at the long list of bugs, its not intentionally delayed.

I think it’s might to do with NDA and/or limited access to DX12, i don’t think Epic would hold it off like that otherwise. DX12 support will be added to DrectX RHI (or work as a separate RHI) so enabling will be seemless, so you might have day 1 release if you gonna be fast enouth ;]

wait for 4.9 seems too much time since w10 will be free and everybody going to upgrade and want to use dx12. The reasonable seems 4.8 since that and because they must have already working the engine with dx12 but perhaps they have other plans and want avoid bugs relative.

Official response about that will be good.

I hear that DX12 UE4 branch is in github just not accessible publicly same as console support because of NDA, also 4.8 will release most likely before DX12 will be out publicly, thats why 4.9 seems more reasonable.

From both the guys at Epic said and what Microsoft said, at least publicly, was that the sign up for access had a pretty broad acceptance rate. Sign up, sign the NDA or whatever, and start making stuff. DX12 has been implemented into UE4 since the 4.4 build…

Privately, I suspect that the acceptance rate was only for development studios or with known indie developers (studio developers striking out on their own). Us “peons” would have no access. This much can be gleamed from their sign up page:

  • Job Title
  • Development studio name
  • Country of development studio
  • Parent company
  • What game titles or middleware have you shipped most recently?

These are not questions you ask of indie developers that are potentially just starting out or from people who are using the engine for non-development reasons (study, “messing around”, etc…)

As far as any conclusions about being a Windows Insider, I’ve been one since the program was implemented and I also have an MSDN subscription, yada yada, so an assumption based on “time of being an Insider” is not an adequate explanation.

I consider myself to be a peon too and yet I was accepted into the closed beta, im not part of any studios, im a one man operation. My recommendation to anyone is to just try signing up, if they are still accepting, you have just as good chance as anyone else.

Judging from the pace of things it’s most likely going to be a 4.10 item. 4.8 is nearly out the door and 4.9 will shut down quicker than what’s needed for proper integration and measurable gains/optimization. Especially in light of the following Trello entry to refactor a very core part of the rendering engine: Trello