"WINDOWED" console command not working in UMG

Hi there. I’m trying to build a very basic options menu for my game in which I use a checkbox to toggle fullscreen. The way I did this is by using the checkbox’s onCheckStateChanged event to run to a branch. Depending on the checkbox’s state, it goes to an execute console command node with FULLSCREEN if true, or another with WINDOWED if false.

However, for some reason, the fullscreen state of the game only changes when the FULLSCREEN node is fired, between both fullscreen and windowed. WINDOWED doesn’t work at all. Why is this happening? I’ve used a similar technique in other projects…

I made a workaround for now, but I’d really prefer to use the option I outlined above. Obviously, it would be much cleaner

Hi, what i did is just put the command fullscreen. when you uncheck it undo the fullscreen like a flip flop node.

So your widget graph should be very simple, just 2 nodes, the event (OncheckStateChanged) and the execute console command (Fullscreen)