Window Menus

Is there a guide regarding how to create Menu’s ?

For example, creating a main menu as a parent, and having a child that I could then take several of these blueprints to copy the base of it and create different other menus (like a Skill menu, a Character menu, etc)…

This kind of menus, but just to simplify everything…

There is a good guide for this on the docs site. Can’t find it right now.

But basically, you create a main widget, (similar to a persistent level) And then create each menu in its own widget. So you would have the main widget, skills widget, character sheet widget and so on.

Then in the main widget you can add those custom widgets, then toggle their visibility or enable and disable them.

This one goes into how you can toggle visibility of objects within a widget. You can use the same method for toggle an entire custom widget within another widget.

Widget widget widget…