"Window" for Combo Attack Execution

I added some combo attack functionality in my game, the playwe can perform a 3 hit combo if he attacks at a particular time if not it will stop halfway through. Basically the whole combo is an anim montage with 3 different sections and will go the next section if the player has attacked.


The problem I have is that I’ve got it coded right now the player needs to be perfect and press the spacebar exactly 0.4 seconds after a section has played. I want to add a window so in a range (maybe 0.4-0.7 seconds) the player can move onto the next section. How do I go about doing this?

This a snippet of my blueprint, but as you can see after the delay is finished (which is 0.4 seconds) the player has a very small window to enter the gate (its gotta be frame perfect). I want to increase that window but I’m stumped.

Hey JakeOfSpades-

I noticed that you asked the same question here: "Window" for Combo Attack Execution - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

I am closing this post in order to focus attention on the other.