WindDirectionalSource Blueprint on/off

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way for activate/deactivate WindDirectionalSource in blueprint?Or, alternatively, change properties(strength/speed)? I need this because WindDirectionalSource acts on ALL my APEXclothing objects in scene(all or none), but I need it to take effect on some only, so I thought turn on/off wind by trigger…


Hi renderboy,

ryanjon2040 provided a great answer on your forum post located here:

Unfortunately it does not work for me, activate/deactivate or change speed/strength has no effect in game, I checked and the value is assigned but it has no effect…is it a bug?(I am using 4.5.1)

Hi renderboy,

It looks like it is printing exactly what you have entered. When you press n you set the strength to 0.0, which alters the windspeed to 0.0. Once you press Q it prints 0.0 as that is what the wind speed is currently set to. What effect are you attempting to achieve?

When I set the strength to 0.0 in WindDirectionalSource details panel, the windspeed is REALLY 0.0, in fact my APEXclothing objects in game they are stopped, if instead I set it by blueprint(in my case pressing n), my APEXclothing objects continue to move as if the parameter was not changed, but the value(pressing n) show the value changed.I need STOPPED WindDirectionalSource really, namely stopped my APEXclothing objects in game.
For me would be enough exclude from WindDirectionalSource some items only, but it seems to me that you can not do.
I hope I have made it clear.
Thanks and sorry for my english.

Try doing a “get all actors of class” for the wind directional source. Then, attach a foreach loop to this. For each one, cast to “wind directional source” and then access the variables from there. What may be occurring is you are telling it to reference variables that it can access, but not in a way that it can access them. Also your english is quite good, not difficult to understand at all!

If I did it right I have not solved, variable set to 0.0 but the objects continue to move…

Hi renderboy,

I dug a bit into our bug reports and can confirm that this is a bug and is currently being assessed by the development staff. Keep an eye out for a fix in future release notes.