Wind Turbine

Experimental work using a concept called sustainable energy.


It looks good, but there is no feeling of air, its movement and wind. The feeling that this is a photo from Mars. Although the picture is nice, not bad.


Thank you aVisDIdenko… your comment will definitely help me a lot in the future :slight_smile:


I really like the first image! I might just be a sucker for a good sunset but thats gorgeous :smiley:

Do you plan on adding onto this project and developing it more or moving onto something new?


Beautiful. Random Rotation of Wind Turbine Blades could help with conveying Wind Movement. They’re all the same rotation which makes image look stiff.


Yeah, you are correct, I may add something that would make the world alive… :slight_smile: Thank you PresumptIvePanda

Oooh adding grass and flowers would be really pretty! :smiley:

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Wind Turbine: A renewable energy source on Vimeo

Very Nice Video with Happy Music. I have been on Real World Wind Farms, and the Turbines Rotate at different Speeds and point in different directions. Some are not rotating at all. It gives the sense that the wind is massive and swirling all about in different patterns and speeds. I personally like those little touches of realism, Your commercial is very nice without it.

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