Win condition TD Game

Hello again,

It seems like I’m stuck again with my game at Winning Condition.I have an idea on how to make it work but i don’t know how to place it into UE…So my blueprint has to check if it’s the last wave of monsters and to count how many monsters are alive in level.If is the last wave of monsters and the monster number is <= 0 then it should print that text “You WON”. But obviously there’s something wrong and i can’t figure it out.

My wrong Win Condition :

My wrong last wave setter:

If you have some ideas on how to make this work, or fix my blueprint i would be really grateful, thank you!

nobody knows?

Hi Dumnezeu1,

This is just a stab in the dark here but have you tried setting the <= condition to a < condition and make it 1. Give that a try as the array might not be hitting Zero. It could just not create the array. Not sure.

Let us know how you go.


You could try debugging your code with Breakpoints or Print String

check if your events are being called and conditions are met etc.

it didn’t work, neither with <1, <0, ==1, ==0…
I’m not even sure if is actually counting monsters number, i don’t know what to try anymore :confused: