Win 7/ Unreal 4.15 / NVidia Gt630m / Crashes when editing materials


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I have an extremely similar issue. I have the same graphics card - NVidia GT630M. I have updated to the latest drivers (378.92). I’m running Unreal 4.14 on an i7 Toshiba with 16Gb Ram and about 400Gb free harddrive space. I have tried several of the suggestions in the post that I’ve linked above, without success.

It seems to consistently happen when I try to edit materials in one project I’ve been working on. (or maybe the project is just at a stage that I need to edit materials). It must be noted that I imported meshes that have FAR TOO many faces/ vertices / triangles. Not sure if that’s relevant but I’ve started going through a mesh simplification process and hence haven’t opened this project for a while. Don’t seem to have this crash scenario in new files but then again I may only open UnReal once a week so I’m not currently a big user.

Sorry not to technically savvy to find crash logs etc.

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Hey DEBCal,

Since you are new to the UE4 community and AnswerHub I thought I would share some information on how we typically request users enter bug reports, and how to gather information to report bugs in the engine.

Report a Bug

Support Page

It sounds like you are possibly overloading your computers hardware which is causing the system to crash, but I would need repro steps and crash logs in order to investigate further. Use the links I gave you to gather this information.


Finally found some time to read through the 2 links posted and I’ve updated my original question and uploaded a log file. I hope I’ve done it all properly. Unfortunately a screenshot is not possible as the program closes instantly and the “bug report” window opens. Let me know if there’s anything else that might be helpful.
Also I noticed that if I select a mesh it crashes, so the crash is not always related to editing materials.

You are actually encountering one of the top crashes that we rolled the 4.15.2 hotfix out to address gathering better logging.

Hopefully you can upgrade your project and get the crash to occur and provide us with those logs.

Thank you,

Thanks Andrew.
So as I understand it, the new crash logs will automatically contain the additional information being sought, so I don’t have to do anything extra except click “send” in the bug splat window? (I have already upgrade to 4.15.2 and NVidia 381)

Yes, all you should need to do is press ‘Send’ and it should send us that report with the error message and callstack internally.

Don’t know if it helps but my colleague has an identical laptop to mine (except he only has 8Gb ram) and he doesn’t seem to have the problem that I have.

I rolled back all my updates from 4.16 back to 4.13. Then I uninstalled UnReal and the Epic Launcher. Restart and re-installed Launcher from scratch and v4.16 from scratch. I’ve left my PC running for 5-6 hours (unfortunately not actively using) but no crash so far. Usually within 10 - 15 min there would be an NVidia crash. I will report back once I’ve loaded the installation with actual work and have had no crash but it seems like a positive outworking so far. Of course it doesn’t necessarily pin point a specific issue.

For what it’s worth, I have had FAR less crashes since rolling back all updates and re-installing everything (including the launcher) from scratch. Still have a crash from time to time but at least now I can actually make progress on a project - probably once a session now compared to once every 5 minutes previously. Also I’ve noticed that my SketchUp installation has started crashing with the latest update and it’s also related to the Intel 4400 graphics & NVidia GT630M interaction. I appear to be on the latest drivers for both, so not sure what exactly the problem is.

I would like to know if the problem of the repetitive crash of UE 4.15 has been solved? impossible to work on 4.15, it crashes all the time, sometimes when I try to open a editor or save, or still try to do an action (in UE 4.15), it crash immediately and Windows displays a message saying “nvidia driver 378.66 stopped working and was recovered”

CPU: intel Core i5
GPU: Nvidia GT 630 M and Intel HD graphics 3000
Ram: 8gb
OS: Win 8.1

Hi Omarito. I don’t think the devs have finally gotten down to the source of this problem. Here are 2 things you can try, that have made things much better for me.

  1. Verion 4.16 and later have been programmed with a built-in fault log that reaches into the NVidia driver. I think it’s called “Aftermath”. So these fault reports are assisting the Epic team with resolving the problem.
  2. This helped my crashes quite radically. Uninstall EVERYTHING. Roll back whatever updates you’ve done, Then uninstall your primary Unreal installation AND EVEN the Epic launcher. Reboot. Then re-install the launcher and the latest version of UnReal (4.17). Since doing this, my NVidia only crashes maybe once a day. Sometime not even that much. It’s still not perfect but at least I can make progress in my projects.