Win 64 - Packaging error ?!

i’m trying to package my project and it contain code so i built my project “Developement” and packaged the project here is the log


Right before your first error in your log you get a “missing parenthesis error”

MainFrameActions Packaging (Windows (64-bit)) UE4Editor-Cmd [2015.08.23-13.42.44024][ 0]ImportText (ComponentSweepMultiTests) Missing closing parenthesis …

It looks like around some code that you are doing Linetraces.

hope that helps =)

ok thanx for the reply

yeah i’m doing a trace from my Character and here is the code

correct me if i’m making something wrong note that the build in VS 2013 was Successful

Correct, if its compiling in Visual Studio, it should be good.

So where is the problem ? i have tried launching the game from the editor and it runs like a charm , plz help me i have to package it before the next week