Willing to add libboost as a dependency. Downsides?

Hello everybody.

Due to the nature of the game i’m writing, i need to use my own networking protocol & stack, so i need to extensively use FSocket to make this happen.
The problem now is that the way FSocket is implemented really doesn’t play well for me: it wraps a bit too much the bsd sockets, so much that - for example - i can’t even successfully get the status of a TCP connection (i should perform a “recv” on the socket, but the “Recv” function from FSocket doesn’t expose the real return code).

So, i would like to use asio from boost (i already used this in the past, i could reuse a lot of code), but i’m not sure if i’m going to break the cross-platform cooking capabilities of UE4.

Can anybody share his experiences on this? Did you use Boost? If yes, which downsides did you had? Where you able to cook for all the supported platforms?

Thanks to anybody who is willing to share or help me spot any possible issue in introducing such strong dependency into the project.