Will you judge this??

I love the marketplace because it’s so useful, however I’m scared people will low down on my game if I use the packs.

So, if you played a game and it was really good, would you care if at least 40% was marketplace packs?

If you use the packs creatively, it shouldn’t be noticeable. Personally I wouldn’t care what is used in the game, so long as it all fits together to create an enjoyable experience.

^This + avoid as hell asset flipping… and you should be good.

Thank you for the response! I agree. What’s flipping?

Asset flipping = buying content from a marketplace and selling it on as a game with little to no effort put into making an actual game out of said content.

I heard Ark survival using alot purchase assets, and it sell well

Like Jamendxman3 mention “If you use the packs creatively, it shouldn’t be noticeable.”. I agree with him. In my opinion, creator supposes to bring something from himself. Add something, mix something like no other asset flipper do. Assets should help you to create game easier but not sell as a game it self :slight_smile:

Only a poor craftsman blames his tools.