Will you charge for movie made for commercial purpose

There is no royalty for non-interactive linear products like movies.

I work in a company and we make demo videos. So if we make videos for commercial purpose will this be charged? If yes how much.

Hi Atypic, if the product is interactive, do I need to pay a loyalty?

Yes, you would.

If the interaction is just for pre-sales / visualisation and not the actual product.Will i need to pay?
We in our company are planning to switch to Unreal. and most of our work will be videos and very few interactive like mobile apps like car customisation apps and so on.Will you charge for it. If yes how much will it be?

I’m not sure that I understand your comments/question. So clearly if your product is linear non-interactive (like a movie), there is no royalty. If your interactive product is internal only, then there is no revenue so there is no royalty. But then you also mention interactive mobile apps so that kind of product can definitely have a royalty. How much of a royalty depends on the revenue.

Thank you,
Yes our product will be internal only so as you mentioned there will not be any royalty charged.
Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: