Will you be attending E3?

Epic Games will host a casual meet-up for independent developers at the popular E3 hangout, the Golden Gopher, from 5-8pm PT on Wednesday, June 11.

Interested folks are invited to hang out with us, enjoy some drinks, and discuss UE4 or anything else with your fellow developers.

The Gopher is located near the Los Angeles Convention Center, so it’s an easy walk for anyone coming from the show.

If you are interested in attending, please let us know by sending an email to [EMAIL=“”]

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Will Epic show footage of new UT or announce it in next E3.

we will be there for sure

be nice if unreal tempted us all with some peaks at things like marketplace or speedtree, lol

i will definitely be there, but i will be too busy on competitions, dont know if i’ll have any time for UE, but ill try my best

Maybe, will there be punch and pie?

I’ll be there for sure!

I will be there, i decided to go last year for the first time and it was pretty fun.

I will be attending. I’m just not 100% which day I will attend, as all 3 days would be a bit much. :slight_smile:

I would come, but I live in Kentucky and that’s too far.

I went for 2 days last year and it was too much! I recommend the 2nd or 3rd day because there aren’t quite as many people

Yep. Was thinking about Thursday here. This will be my 4th time attending as well. woohoooo!

12h is my birthday. Would be amazing to be there, but no I won’t able to go. Have fun there anyways :wink:

I’ll be there, would love to have a meet up :slight_smile:

I’ll be there!

Looks like only about 7 takers so far, hopefully we can get a bit more!

An update that for whoever wants to attend, we are considering the meet-up for the evening of Wednesday the 11th. This would just be a social gathering with fellow UE4 users.

Let us know if you are interested.

I’m in! I can also vouch for Stephen - he did a good job helping to organize the UE4 GDC meetup! (Too bad I was way too hung-over to fully enjoy myself ;-))

Might be best to find a restaurant within walking distance of the convention center and make a reservation…

Edit: oops, wrong Stephen :wink:

Definitely interested and attending.

Will be there

I’d be willing to stop by, although I’m not a UE4 developer just yet. :wink: I’m finishing up a couple of small side projects in Unity3D (don’t murder me everyone), and then I may be checking out UE4.

Also, June 11 is my birthday! PAAARRRTTYYYY?