Will we see an update to Either Unreal or its editor?

I’m on a Mac, running OSX 10.13.6

I’m currently trying to run tourney, but both the game and the editor are exceedingly buggy.

I am concerned since it appears that there has been no work on the Engine, Game, or Editor in over a year.

I know Fortnite earns Epic more money than Midas, but that shouldn’t mean they don’t give some love to their other franchises.
IMHO, that is one way to lose entire groups of folks who might look to see what else Epic has out there to play.

Last year, I was using Unreal 4.18. They’ve released two full new versions since then, as well as tons of multiple small patches. I am unsure what you mean by this, as they regularly listen to us and update the engine constantly.

you mean ut4?

UE4 updates the engine very consistently… so version 4.21 will soon be released, but perhaps some bug fixes will be released first

to my knowlege unreal tournament has been shelved for the time being so they can focus on getting fortnite done (i think there was a note about that on a article somewhere but not 100% sure). sadly arena shooters arent a popular thing right now, just look at quake going free to play.

as for the engine theres always work being done. there was a update to 4.20.2 just a few weeks ago.