Will we be able to use custom libraries or have access to a Websockets API or REST API?

Since we don’t have the ability to use Code Plugins will Verse allow for third party Libraries or is it only what Epic allows Verse to do?

Is there any plan to allow us to use Verse to do Websocket connections or leverage a REST API?

Hi Nonlin,

For now, only the APIs that Epic provides for Fortnite and UE functionality will be callable from Verse. We’re starting with a small API which we’ll expand in the future. It is in the plans for everyone to be able to publish Verse code for others to depend on and use though. There are no current plans to directly expose a socket to UEFN Verse code.

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Will there be a roadmap public for folks to know what is coming to the API?

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How is this going to be metaverse without the ability to call other APIs, especially over the network? I get the immediate security concerns but saying there are no plans to add this is going to greatly limit the desirability of this platform for commonly-envisioned metaverse use cases