Will using double calculations for vectors give more accurate results?

Initially I was normalizing a vector and multiplying it with a large number to add an impulse to a object something like

FVector Direction = StartLocation - ThrowLocation;
PickedUpActor->ObjectMesh->AddImpulse(Direction *50000);

The results were slightly inaccurate so I thought of using something like this

double DirectionX = (double)(StartLocation.X - ThrowLocation.X);
	double DirectionY = (double)(StartLocation.Y - ThrowLocation.Y);
	double DirectionZ = (double)(StartLocation.Z - ThrowLocation.Z);
	DirectionZ /= 7;
	double Size = FMath::Sqrt((DirectionX*DirectionX) + (DirectionY*DirectionY) + (DirectionZ*DirectionZ));
	DirectionX /= Size;
	DirectionY /= Size;
	DirectionZ /= Size;
	double ThrowMagnitude = 50000;
	PickedUpActor->ObjectMesh->AddImpulse(FVector(ThrowMagnitude * DirectionX, ThrowMagnitude * DirectionY, ThrowMagnitude * DirectionZ));

I wanted to know will this give any accuracy advantage compared to what I used previously?

I’d say no. The source vector is floating point and so is the target impulse vector.

In what way was the results inaccurate?