Will Unreal Engine continue to be developed?

Hello Everybody,
I’m interested in learning Unreal Engine, but before I invest a lot of my time learning it, I’d like to know if it will continue to be developed.

-Thanks, Creeper8789

hi, welcome to the forum:).

yes, UE4 will continue to be developed for a quite a long time.

hope that helps:).

In fact I would expect the 4.11 release to come out around GDC

I do sometimes wonder about the length of UE4’s lifecycle, though.

Unreal 1 was in 1998.

Unreal 2 in 2002.

Unreal 3 first appeared as early as 2004.

Unreal 4 is released a decade later, in 2014.

Following that timeline and understanding the nature of the engine in such that it’s designed to be extensible and improved over multiple generations, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to say that Unreal 5 may not come until 2025 or later. I think it’s safe to say that if you started today, you wouldn’t be wasting your time learning UE4.

Unreal Engines needs development for a loooong time. I think epic will make the engine every time up to date… would be bad if not…

Well, even if UE5 was to be released tomorrow… It’s not like UE4 was completely different from UE3. Most people with experience from UE3 had a smooth transition, i think.