Will UE5 have full support for scripting with python?

Hello, i would like to know if unreal engine 5 (or sooner versions) will have full support for scripting un Python, i really love and want to use UE, but Python is indispensable for me, but if UE5 will have Python as a main scripting language or something like that i wont care to wait.

PS: i know there is a Python plugin, but ive heard It is unable yo do some things (Gameplay related ones i think), and btw, if you could answer me in spanish It would be great, but i dont need It.


There no any hint if UE5, UE4 is in consistent streamlined development and has a hell lot of more features then 4.0 had including entire new sound and particle engine swap and physics about to get same treatment, so i font think UE5 will come soon… if ever as i think Epic is more likely switch too stream line updates like unity has with years as version number .

About scripting, yes there is possibility that this may happen Python is new addition and lot of other features seen transfers between editor and runtime usage like Slate. There also different plot in this as Epic aquired Agog Labs which created SkookumScript and everyone expect some form of official support of it soon.

Thank you, i wont mark the question as solved tho, just in case someone of unreaal engine support can give me a more accurate answer about the futuro of UE and Python.

Thanks, It was very explanatory and fast

Ah speaking of that i almost forgot. in 30 May there will be UE4 community stream related to Python and probably person responsible for it’s implementation will be there and they always take question from the chat, it a great moment to ask about run time support for it as well as other quastion about the future of it, you most likely get answers there. Read channel description for more information: