Will UE4 run on the Alienware 17 laptop

Hi guys,
I’m thinking of upgrading my system to the Alienware 17 laptop from Dell.I’ve noticed this machine runs Windows 10 and am unsure whether I can run the newest version of UE4 on it.

I’d be grateful if someone could have a look at the specs for this machine to see if it will run UE4 without a problem.

Many thanks,Chris.

UE4 can run in pretty low specs, absolute minimum is Shader Model 4.0 GPU (people incorrecly call it DX10 GPU) and probably some version of SSE in CPU, i know form my own expirance UE4 runs very badly with RAM lower then 8GB. So for quastion if it will run, it absolutly will, i running UE4 on much much lower spec. Quastion is how fast it will run and when it’s gonna be “problem” for you which is subjective matter

Here you got recommended specs and that laptop fits to it:

Also some people here will tell you that desktop will be faster (which is kind of true as laptop components are low power versions of desktop components and have less performence), but if you really want a laptop for game dev and you fell more comfy with it then go ahead:

Hi ,

Thanks for the info , much appreciated.