Will UE4 run on an old low-end laptop?

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to run UE4 on a low end laptop? I usually don’t run into issues while using engines like Godot or GMS2 but Unity does struggle a bit after a while and the constant laptop freezes I get on Unity while having Visual Studio open is a bit annoying

Knowing that UE4 is a bit more demanding than Unity is it possible to run it on a laptop with the specs written below on the latest version of it? And if it doesn’t will installing an older version solve the issue?

If you’re going to ask what I’m planning to do with it, I’m just going to make a low-poly stealth game and the reason I want to try out Unreal is because It looks much more easier and quicker to get things done with

And before someone comes and says “Just get new laptop”, Sadly no, I can’t just get a new one because I have some financial limitations.

My Specs :
CPU : AMD A6 @2.70GHz (64-bit)
RAM : 4GBs
GPU : Radeon HD 7520G

Running the UE4 on those specs (if you manage to) will test your patience and put a serious stress on the laptop. You only have half the required RAM and even having 8GB can give you a headache. The mobile GPUs do not cope well here.

Do note your laptop is most likely running a 5400rpm drive which will affect the responsiveness even further.

tl;dr: will it run - probably, but it’s going to be more of a crawl that will make you dispassionate about game making :expressionless: Expect stalling and crashes.

I can’t just get a new one
because I have some financial

Consider used PC parts and put them (or have them put) together. Used parts market is ripe with opportunities and quite often a lot can be had for very little here.

If you can install Unreal,you can run it. But it will run but it will be slow

What Game? When releases? Like sneakys. Lunk?