Will UE4/Linux convert to blockchain technology?

The ownership of digitized assets has become more of a concern as time has passed on and rightfully so. One of the paths forward for Unreal Tournament and other games has been to go to the free to play model with the purchase of digitized skins.

Of course, there could be an increase in consumer confidence if the ownership of these types of skins felt more secure in the platform itself because sometimes there can be violations either in direct ownership or in the creation of the game based economy which can lead to problems. By keeping everything decentralized and open, more possibilities exist with this level of transparency. So is this one example of what could be the [future of blockchain][2]?

I’m hoping UE4 can help pioneer this front and I’m wondering if you see potential here.

Check out this:

They’ve created an SDK for Unity and have a plan to do the same for UE4. With such plugin you could move your in-game assets to Blockchain easily.

Internet security should come first.

I think this technology has huge potential. Let’s see how events will develop further.