will ue ever have a built in water physics??

im not requesting. just wondering.

maybe if there were some like soft bodies you could add into your scene that simulate water movement??

Oh yeah, it would be great to have a buoyancy for physics enabled objects.

It’s a rare feature but if it becomes more necessary then they’d add it.

Maybe this is what you are looking for:
You have to buy it from marketplace though.

no i was thinking like grab a cube from the resource bar. it has lots of settings you can mess with :slight_smile:

but default would be start your game, it falls to ground with physics, like jello or watery like. and you could add hundreds in depending on what you want.

would be cool for blood also :slight_smile: , but it simulates like water. is this too hard??

Not too sure to be honest. Full on water simulation is often not a feature of realtime 3D games. In simulations it’s just a bunch of collision spheres with a fancy shader(? maybe a mesh or something) that turns that data into water. Especially with the recent addition of render textures such simulations appear to only be useful in a few games, perhaps cinematics, and possibly as a simulation to be “baked” into a flowmap.

The physics side of things is where my interests lie. It’s not difficult to use raycasts, a collision box, and some quick custom code to make your own box floating in water thing. In fact, if it’s a cardboard box you may want it to sink after a while or something and a built in system could function as a hindrance in that case. But character movement tends to be less great. There are solutions… but having something built in would be a much nicer alternative. That said, I’m somewhat inexperienced and it’s been over a year since I (somewhat briefly) looked into this stuff.

we are developing one, but it’s still under development