Will this PC run Unreal Engine 4 well? (US$4000)

Hey there,

Last time, i’ve post on General Discussion saying Need $1300 Build so…

Recently, my mum said she’ll buy me a PC for US$4000(including monitor and win8).(the money came from my part time job salary+saving money+my mum’s money)

Let me know, if I can improve somewhere.

I’ll be running Unreal Engine 4, 3Ds Max 2015, Photoshop and Visual C++ in this PC.

Thank you for taking your time.

PS: Will there be PayPal support in future?

Honestly this build is overkill if you are just getting into developing with UE4, but I am not going to tell you not to take what’s being offered to you!

Watch out for the Noctua and the RAM height. If the RAM height is going to be a problem get yourself an AIO cooler.

As far as the Titan Black. in your case, I don’t believe it’s worth the price. You might think about the 780ti instead and using the leftover from the Titan to go with much better dual monitors than the tri configuration you have picked.

Take the 780 ti isntead of titan. Titan’s are for calculatios mainly. And the ti is somethig between the titan and the 780. I’m usig the 780 ti and it is working wonderful.

There’s really too less difference between 780ti and titan black but the price difference is a lot.

Thanks buddy, I better go with 780ti.
I don’t wanna go overkill so guys please help me a bit.

About my experience, i’ve been modeling for over 3.5 years. = I’m not new to this, but suck at choosing PC part.

About the monitor, I need 3 monitor

  1. 27inch
  2. 24/23
  3. 17/18/19inch << non-wide

Thanks a lot.

Also, I think it’s enough to have a 250 gb ssd + 1tb standard drive. Because 1tb ssd is also overkill and costs a lot.

Sure and thanks, I’ll note it.

I think you are wasting lots of money. Think about the future and buy better priced components now so that you can upgrade in a year time to something much better and cheaper.

Sure, bro. Any suggestion?

Its overkill, but it’s not a waste of money.

SaiF PUNK if you have the cash to build a $4,000 rig then build a $4,000 rig.

The only waste of money is the Titan and in my opinion the Monitors you chose.

I also disagree that the larger SSD is a waste - I have three 960gb SSD’s in my main rig and will never go back to mechanical hard drives for anything else besides general purpose storage.

I would skip the Noctua and get a decent AOC.

If your goal is making a career out of game development/design then being able to invest your/mom’s money in such a capable rig is nothing, but a net positive.

I also recommend you invest in one or two of these.

Just make sure with that kind of capital outlay that when your mom says, “Jump!” you say, “How high?”

Have note that in my mind.

About the monitor, what monitor for you suggest?

Thank you.

I don’t want to get into a debate about monitors, but suffice it to say I think three low resolution monitors vs. two higher res monitors is a waste of time. You could buy two pixel perfect Korean 2560x1440’s for the price of all three 1920x1080 monitors. Google QNIX.

There are downsides to that of course being you could get a lemon without a proper warranty, but I am biased against 1920x1080 in terms of productivity. 1080p is a horrible resolution to have a CAD package open, UE4, Photoshop, a DAW, a time-line based editor or any piece of software with a lot going on interface wise.

Thanks, any idea of CPU cooler?(I need quiet + good cooling)

I use this. It won’t be as quiet as the Noctua going full bore when CPU usage is high and temps are up, but it’s still nowhere near loud - to me anyway!

SSD is great. You may want to look at RevoDrive cards instead of SATA SSDs, but I don’t know if the motherboard has enough wide PCI-ex slots for that.
Monitors are a personal preference. I’d prefer monitors of the same make/brand to match the color reproduction; dragging a brown window to another monitor and finding it green is not fun.
Good idea turning down the GPU just a notch; the Titan isn’t as good price/performance.

At this price level, I might want to look at dual-CPU (dual-Xeon) motherboards and CPUs instead of a really high-end single-CPU. You don’t get quite the same single-CPU speed, but you get a lot more total CPU power. If you’re going to be baking light maps or compiling C++ a lot, that might be the better choice.

Thanks, I don’t want to go overkill.

Can you guys suggest PC build that’s acceptable for ue4? Thanks

Never use a SSD as your data drive - if it loses power, you lose everything.

Get a regular HD for data, and boot your OS and some of your most regularly used software from a small SSD.

I decided top buy the MSI R9 290x 4GB Gaming Edition instead of a GTX 780 or GTX 780 Ti, because it has 4GB VRAM and the GTX Titan is way too expensive just to get 6GB VRAM. Most games I max out in 1080p take over 3500MB VRAM and less than 4GB. On my old GTX 580 1.5GB VRAM, my vram was always the bottleneck. And when games will start to be more demanding on PC, I’ll just buy a second card to run in Crossfire.

I really don’t trust the 3GB GTX 780 cards to run at max settings…

I’ve got a GTX 770 and run everything at max, and I haven’t found anything that uses all the memory.

  1. Drop the three drives. Just grab the Blu-ray if you REALLY need it.
  2. Drop the GPU. Grab a 780.
  3. Drop the case. I’m currently using it’s literally cooler in the part of my room with this guy and at $89 it’s a steal.
  4. Drop the Touch Fan Controller.
  5. Drop the cooler - you won’t need it with that case.
  6. Drop the PSU. I can’t tell you how much I love my modular PSU.
  7. Drop the Monitors. Response time of 7ms is pretty noticeable even if you aren’t gaming.

Rest is more personal preference. You could totally save on minor things like a different mechanical keyboard. Although I’m using the same you’re just paying for the colors and name. If you need any suggestions let me know.

If you’re not overclocking, that cpu only supports mem speed up to 1866. Meaning that 2400 memory you have will be underclocked so you might want to look into different ram as well. Also from what iver heard, thoes hdds over 2TB have high failure rates. Just be sure to read reviews on them before purchasing.

Also, a modular or semi-modular psu will make you soooooo happy when your building the computer. Its cleaner and way easier to work with.

That 780ti is awesome btw. I have an evga acx 780ti myself and it handles unreal4, and anything else really, like a champ. Get a 1440p korean monitor off amazon too. Mine is an x-star but i think its the same as this one