Will this make it to Market place?

Hello guys,

We have more that 200 (and growing) original high quality foliage textures with alpha maps (RGBA) and normal maps, all are 4k/2k resolution (scaled down from 5-8k usually). I just wonder if this will make it for Marketplace as textures alone or needs models also. The possible combinations to make models with this textures are basically a lot. I can also provide all mips for individual textures, to use a scaled down version if necessary instead high res ones.

Also I am not sure, if I put this in Marketplace, can I put them also in other store like Unity Assets Store?

Waiting for answers and advices!:slight_smile:

As far as I know you can do with them whatever you want and sell it whereever you want.

I would generaly be very interested in foliage Textures, Models I can do myself but Textures are harder to find/make (especially 4k/2k ones).

agreed, at a good decent price, im willing to pay :slight_smile:

Hey TDoro - There’s no exclusivity with assets submitted to the Marketplace, so all good there. As far as Textures go - Unl;ess they need a mesh to be useful, they should be fine. I’d set up a material for them to use so they’re immediately available in the engine :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your work!


I’ll buy it! :slight_smile:

Same here, though id pay more and even faster for ready to use meshes :slight_smile: