Will this level of Polys Run in UE4

Hey guys, Im almost finsihed doing a retopology of a char Ive been working on for a while now.

Im going to be eyeballing the amount of polys in this photo to what I have in Zbrush and then bring that into UE4.

Id like to ask…

Can UE4 handle this topology? (Its from Order 1886 and its topology that runs realtime in their own game engine, dunno if that means UE4 can handle it…)

Lets say I put this retopo’d mesh(W/same amt of faces in pic above) in UE4(without any textures)
and I can orbit, pan, rotate around the model without much lag.

Then…does that mean that
adding textures onto the retopo’d mesh will achieve the same lag consistency?
(Like the FPS with/without textures wont be much different?)

Any game engine can run it; what you want to ask is “can user’s hardware run this?”…
It all depends on the hardware. And the how many of these models you’ll throw at screen at same time.
Here is Steam’s player hardwate survey:

I’ve seen UE4 rendering close to 15 million meshes without much problem, but I have a somewhat little good rig.
Steam gamers at least seem to be migrating to better hardware faster than few years ago.

Ohh so the reason why games use a set amount of polys isnt because the game engine cant run it
but because they are given limitations by the PS4 or other consoles.

But if it was the computer then depending on how good the comp is it can go real time on anything! Makes sense!

Stop asking “Will this amount of polygons run properly?” and start asking yourself what draw-calls are.
Unless you go into the millions of polygons, or developing for mobile… polygons are close to the least of your worries.

Oh Bruno! congrats on your 2k posts!

Yes, that level of topo wont affect performance in any way relevant. maybe it does if you have 50+ actors in view.
Ive been also working on my base topo and bumped it a bit. Its wise tho to make at least one lower resolution level.
The current high res models have between 150k and 250k triangles and are driven by around 400 bones (so they have 2 draw calls for the body). Yet the performance is undisturbed. So yeah go for it, set the stake high, you can always dial down a bit later.

For reference, my ue4 meshes:

Ingame Topo High

Ingame Topo low

Ingame Skeleton

Great work dude!

Currently Im coming out of Maya with a lower amount of Polys then Ill go make the higher maount of polys by increaseing the subdiv lvl in ZBrush.

How come you used the term triangles instead of polys or faces?

And nice rig man, Im thinking of doing a hybrid rig, prob use joints for the eyelids and jaw but the rest Im gonna try using Shape Editor

Thanks, I use triangle because every face gets split down to the most basic ploygon: a triangle. So if you make your modeling in 6gons or quads or triangles, the final relevant face count is the triangle count.
If you hit display wireframe in your ue4 youll see everything has been triangulated.

I think the last time I cared about poly count was in 2004

You monster, they cared about you so much!

Good ol’ Poly, she’s just not as good to me as she used to be.