Will this Blueprint Class setup work? (two quick questions before I continue)

Since I’m porting over my project from Unity into Unreal Engine, I’d just like to clarify a couple of small details to see if I’m on the right track. My project has weapon turrets made in Blender and exported as FBX to import into Unreal Engine. These have a hierarchy so when imported in Unreal Engine, I have to re-assemble them in their correct hierarchy. The upper pivot in Blender is an empty axis so in Unreal Engine, I’m just putting in a static mesh without a mesh assigned. This is how it looks like in a Blueprint Class:

Every static mesh is an actual mesh except Upper Pivot and A Parts. These are static meshes without meshes assigned, as aforementioned. The idea is this Blueprint Class would contain a controller C++ script that rotates **Lower Pivot **and Upper Pivot to aim at targets.

Is this OK or would I potentially run into problems?

For the turret’s data (e.g. mass, rotation speed, name, etc), in Unity I had a ScriptableObject asset the controller script loaded to get the data at Start(). In Unreal Engine, I’ve discovered I can just create a **Structure **variable with all the data, include it in the Blueprint Class (as shown above) and just enter the data there. I presume this will be easily accessible by a controller C++ script attached. Am I correct?

That’s all I want to ask for now, thank you. :slight_smile: