Will these Metahumans be exportable to other platforms?

Our team wants to bring some of the example Metahuman models into our WebGL/WebXR social platform to test out as avatars for players, and the file format we support is .glb (binary version of .gltf) so we’re quite curious if Epic will be allowing for the export of these models outside of Unreal Engine…?

From the FAQ

“Characters generated in MetaHuman Creator, including those in the sample project, are licensed for use in Unreal Engine projects. This means that you must render MetaHumans with Unreal Engine; you cannot render them outside of Unreal Engine.”

What a shame…

Shame?! Why?
It’s their property. They’ve worked hard over years to build it.

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I’ll tell you why - Epic and the CEO Tim Sweeney frequently talk about building an “open metaverse” and allowing anyone to use this caliber of 3D avatar creation tools outside of UE would be a positive step towards that goal.

I’m not saying they need to loan it a direct competitor like Unity, but the ability for indie devs like our startup to use it in our browser 3D/VR social application would help us immensely… and I know we aren’t the only one.

Currently Metahuman Creator supports export via Quixel Bridge where you can choose between exporting UE4 assets and source assets. Currently, source assets can be imported to Maya 2018, 2019 and 2020, and once in Maya you should be able to further export your content in a way that suits your needs, like fbx, obj, etc. Please notice that Maya scene will use custom plugins “RigLogic” and “RbfSolver” in order to run rig itself.
Please refer to licensing model for more details how exported assets can be used.