Will there ever be an in depth Cinematic Animation tutorial?

Will there ever be an in depth Tutorial for Matinee to develop Cinematic animations outside of a game? I strongly feel that this is untapped potential of UE.

Hmmm interesting. I personally would want to learn a thing or two to create advanced animations like in the Infiltrator demo. That looked like a movie.

The Infil demo looks comprehensive, don’t we have access to it for learning? Or are you wanting to learn something specific not covered? Such as?

Digital tutors got a tutorial for Matinee, maybe this helps you a bit.

Introduction to Matinee in Unreal-Engine 4

Doing that type of thing really isn’t complicated, much easier than making gameplay systems. It mostly comes down to making your animations in your 3D package and then playing them in Matinee.

You do have access to the Matinee Fight Sequence, which uses many of the same techniques as Infiltrator, but on a much more digestible scale. Honestly, unless I was already pretty pro at in-game cinematics, I’d use that over Infiltrator any day of the week.

Yes and no. Once you get your animations into Unreal you’re going to have to think of each one as a separate asset with its own timing. In many cases, you’re constantly adjusting lighting to the camera. We still generally handle sound as one massive timed foley track for performance reasons, though you don’t really have to work that way.

I would launch the Matinee Fight Scene and then simulate or unpossess once it’s playing. Then just sit back and watch. It’s going to move a lot differently than you might expect if just getting into cinematics. It’s not one constant scene of action with different camera angles. The characters jump all over the place to get best angles relative to the 3D space (including the ones lying on the floor). The lighting is flashing around, too, trying to make the most of each shot. It’s a different way to think than even traditional 3D animated cinematics, in that instead of rendering out a bunch of shots and compositing them, you’re setting up actual 3D action and playing each shot back-to-back in real time and in a true 3D environment.

This adds a lot of flexibility and real time editing capabilities (like relighting or moving objects that are distracting, or even changing animation locations). The first time you ever see it, it’ll open your eyes and probably kinda freak you out for just a second. But it’s like popping the Red Pill; you can’t unsee it after that and you’ll look at cinematic creation differently from that point on.

TL;DR - Go look at the Matinee demo. It’s in the Learn Tab. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Also this:

And also this (thanks, Lauren):

Thanks. That’s a great info. I never thought the basic logic of the animation process would be so different in a matinee seq. I’ll look into the fight seq to learn better.