Will there be Support for Opus Codec?

Hi there, just curious if there were plans for the engine to support the Opus audio codec for Assets (Dialog & Music Especially) The High quality @ low bitrates seems like it would make a lot of sense for gaming for space saving & probably loading latency, (it’s also rather quick on mobile platforms for decoding)

  • Dialog Sounds good between 24 & 32 Kbps
  • Music sounds good at 96+kbps
  • Multichannel audio @ 128kbps+

Compared to bitrates of any of these situations using Vorbis (or even the larger ADPCM) Just throwing this out there incase you haven’t come across the format, its still a rather young format

If not is there a way to add them to the engine via the source code? (It uses the Ogg encapsulator, same as Vorbis files, so i imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to add it in)

I have looked at it and it has been discussed a few times. It is definitely interesting, however given the list of other things that need doing it hasn’t made it near the top of the priority list. I would imagine if someone wanted to take a crack at it it would be pretty doable.