Will there be any Q/A about Paragon cinematic?

I saw that trailer and completely blown away. I’d like to ask a few questions. I think everyone is.

hm, i’ve joined the stream and saw only last minute of video, but even without any info i’ve recognized unreal engine, there are something in those textures, which tell you - this is unreal engine :smiley:

question? for game itself or content creation/engine?

if for content creation, I really want ask, is this cinematic created using Unreal Engine? or they render it using 3D software?

@Nico_4: It’s rendered in UE4:

Man… Overwatch, Battleborn, and now Paragon?

That is quite a crowded field of awesomeness!

Oh and the released a gampelay trailer too:

actually, i guessing this is rendered from engine before, but i asked because the particle/vfx make me hard to believe this is from engine,
but, when I watching “first look gameplay trailer”, it has awesome vfx/particle in-game too
ue4 capability really make me speechless… :cool:

For me Particle/VFX gave it away. Also that Motion blur haha. Particles were popping in and out, not playing well with character. Then i realized it was UE4.
I have so many questions…

Also that 4K render!

D: I just got a 4k monitor, i need to try this trailer out on it xD

Hey all - we’re going to be covering MANY aspects of the Paragon tech on our weekly livestreams. Check out the Events section for announces :slight_smile:

I just stumbled across the Paragon trailers and was blown away.

Among a number of rendering questions, I noticed the Sparrow trailer had a terrific anisotropic hair shader that I’m hoping will be released or discussed at some point since hair rendering has been on the back burner for so long. Hoping we’ll get details and hopefully see some of the rendering tech in future UE4 releases.

Share your experience! xD


All the engine tech used in the trailer will be in 4.11, but we’ve been very busy lately so some of the improvements might not be documented well.

Will we get examples on how to set up the basic hair/eye/cloth materials which you guys covered on the twitch stream? I tried to screencap the hair material off the stream to try and duplicate it :stuck_out_tongue: but was unsuccessful haha


I’m trying to setup hair in 4.11. I set shader model to hair, but it just turns my hair model black.

I’ve tried using the content example hair, but it looks like a fairly simplified version that they showed in the stream. Would like to see a screenshot of both the hair shader and skin shader for Sparrow.


With all Epic is doing for content within the community thay certainly dropped the ball on this.

Sparrow skin looks 100x better than the default skin and sparrow hair shader look 100x better than the default hair shader.

Now i’m not talking about the entire hair itself because i know that takes a higher level of complexity in hooking all those cards.

But man that shader doesn’t compare to what we have. Now it could just be a difference in diffuse texture, but idk…