Will there be a conversion issue with 5.1

When we upgraded from 4.26 to the UE 5.0 preview, you were unable to convert to 5.0.1 stable release. Will we have the same issue when we upgrade from 5.1 to 5.1.1 stable release?

Hi Atom1k,

UE 5.0 Early Access was a special case. (Although I recall there was a only restriction on updating from 4.27 to 5.0 EA)

5.1 Preview versions and “5.1.0” will be upgradeable to any future versions.


Right so I’m better off using preview then converting rather than using 5.03 which is technically an alpha still because any project that i had converted from 4.27 to 5.03 won’t work in 5.1 is that right? or will projects from 5.03 still convert to stable 5.1 when it’s released?

Theirs a physics change in 5 from 4 so not everything converts well without fixing, animations seem to have an issue, driving mechanics & animations break on meshes converting from 4 to 5 so i don’t expect anything to convert from 4.27 projects to stable 5.1 you’ll have to make up an entire new project with the new settings & physics system to avoid a host of conflicts.

After trying Preview 2 i would say it’s not worth the download because again nothing works with it too test it! so why bother having a preview…