Will the Unreal Engine work with older games?

I’ve been trying to get my hands on some editing tools to perform a few edits of Deus Ex’s files. Problem is, I can’t seem to find an actual functioning editor anywhere, and the one I did find is in DLL hell (it wants a .dll file that, according to its installer, I do have, but the one it wants is apparently an older version.) I do know that what I need is some form of Unreal Engine editor, but I am not sure if UE4 will actually be able to handle such old files. I’ve already done a search, and the most I’m getting in the existing questions is the search engine extrapolating (someone had a ‘deu’ directory, others mentioned ‘exes’), so no luck there. I’m currently downloading the engine anyway, so I can try it for myself in a little while, but I did want to go ahead and check here as well. Even if it can’t, I’m sure I’ll still end up using UE4 at some point. Probably. Just for something else.