Will the open world demo available after GDC

I was watching the presentation on creating open world in UE4 (://www.twitch.tv/unrealengine/b/632598238)
Man, it is just breathtaking, I can just look at it forever. Hopefully we can get the demo project after GDC.
Great work, epic team!

Whwen will be available?

I think it should be available in 4.8 or 4.9 :slight_smile:

I seriously hope they release , PLEASE!!

they said they will release it in 4.8

Hi guys,

I´m a bit confused after seeing video of the open world demo. Raytraced shadows, smooth LOD transition, dynamic navigation mesh, physical camera, dynamic GI? In 4.8 ??? AWESOME! :smiley:

I also want to get my hands on the demo some very interesting stuff in there. The path finding and level streaming code is what interest me the most.

me to, wonder how long we got to wait for 4.8 lol

I WANT AI animals from demo

Hopefully not too long :stuck_out_tongue:
I think around 1-2 months

project/demo might be out sooner than that, during the twitch stream chat it was mentioned they are working on getting out on the launcher soon.

How soon is soon? Not sure, but it will be soon. :smiley:

Let Epic decide how/when much release because they have put so much hard work making those real textures by traveling and converting to ue4 asset. Epic you should really make some huge open world adventure game like Skyrim was, would give lot of income to company.

Probably not sooner than 4.8. Some of the things used in demo are still only in branch.

Are there any high resolution screenshot around? -> would like to take a more closer look at the map :smiley: