Will the old UE4 (Perforce/Rocket) record button be making its way into UE4?

Now that Twitch support will be making its way to the UE4 subscription based community soon, will we also be seeing a return of the old record button function found on Unreal Engine [Version 1986836] & prior versions off the Perforce repo making its way to the UE4 subscription?

As the command mentioned here does not seem to work: https://udn.unrealengine.com/questions/205119/what-happened-to-the-record-button.html

Hi Benjamin,

How are you entering the command “-forceenablecrashtracker”?

If you are using the ` (tilde) key to bring up the command prompt in PIE this is not the correct method.

You will need to find/make a shortcut to the engine and place this in the shortcut command line there.

You can reference this image to see how it’s setup. Make sure there is only one space behind .exe

Let me know if this works for you!


My result from following your answer.

I’ve just set this up and used it again. I did this on a completely fresh build I installed this morning. Make sure that you’re not within the quotation marks. This should be on the outside of that.

ie. “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.2\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe” -forceenablecrashtracker

Give that a shot and let me know.

Ah yes silly me, that’s what I get for burning the midnight oil I guess…

Is there a reason why this function is not enabled by default or accessible from Edit>Editor Preferences/or Project Settings?

I assume this is due to performance reasons?


To add onto my above comment,
would it be possible to add this function directly into the GameProject\Config\DefaultEditorUserSettings,ini or similar file?

As that would be most convenient for those who distribute their projects via a SVN\Git\etc. repository and wish to have things work out of the box everyone who is pulling from that project.

I’m not sure why this isn’t enabled by default. With it being tied to crash tracker I would think that this isn’t meant to be a record button for everything but instead use cases.

We’ll certainly take this into consideration for future releases. The best way to push features like this are to ask them in the Feedback for Epic section of the Forums. There we can follow discussions and see if this is a something a lot of other users are wanting as well.

Thank you!


Yeah it must of been disabled for a reason, as it was enabled by default late last year during the closed Rocket Beta (could be wrong) & AAA / Indie licensee builds off Perforce.

I will move to the Forums if I have any further comment on the issue :slight_smile:

You can call this answer closed.

Thank you for your time.


No problem. Thanks!