Will someone upload video? Pretty please with mejoberries on top?

Here’s my problem. When it comes to concepts like philosophy, law, psychology, etc, those are easy for me to understand and follow along with. On the other hand, I am almost incapable of processing written instruction when it comes to physical tasks. In order to learn to DO something, like working with Photoshop or modding a video game, I need to actually see every step of the process. When I read “you can edit ‘Blueprint’/Game/Mods/GenericMod/PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod.PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod’ to have anything you want” in the core mod tutorials sticky, that…just doesn’t help me at all. I don’t know where to find, or how to open, or how to edit OR save any of that, nor can I find a video tutorial that goes through the process, or a written tutorial that is detailed enough to make up for the lack of visual aids so that I don’t sit there and read it for (literally) hours ad nauseam before I simply get up and shut my computer off because I’m beyond frustrated with myself.

Would one of the more experienced folks here (read: just about anyone) mind making a video that shows, for example, the entire process (from just after opening the program) of decreasing the “no grow” radius for rocks/trees to 10m down from whatever its default is?

I too also want this. Even if it’s just a couple of minutes clip that shows the process of adding in one custom item, i’m trying to make a improvement bow “IronBow”, I’ve managed to get it to work in the test level and upload it to steam workshop but actually playing the game with the mod is beyond me.

Like OP, i find it difficult to follow written instructions, but more so in this case as there is any amount of similar named items / actions inside UE4 that could be either the correct way or the wrong one.

All i would need would be one video showing how to mod in one item and i would be able to work from there with everything else.

@Rawr it isn’t possible to setup a no grow radius or rocks/trees that I know of. And also if you guys would like I might do a live stream to cover some of this stuff today while I am waiting to get my mod issues resolved. I wouldn’t be opposed to streaming some basics if people really are wanting it. And I’m mostly the same way Rawr. I told Boris this “Just a heads up, and this is coming from someone with a borderline genius IQ, but that mod guide is…well…not very well written.” I had to sit there and re-read a sentence like 8 times to make sense of it (not good, cause peeps should be able to understand it on the first try if you ask me). The only reason I haven’t thrown in the towel at this point with modding is because I’m that one guy who is just stubborn as all hell & its too much fun when its working.

I would be interested in watching a stream (I assume Twitch? I don’t know your username), especially if there would be a VOD to reference. Kind of sad about not being able to change the radius on those resources since I saw that was a pretty popular request on the Steam forum. What about something like making the refining forge require wood and charcoal to use instead of oil and sparkpowder (same ratio)?

Well technically you could erase current existing foliage & paint it back in how you want it (if its a pre-existing map) or paint in it (if its a new map) as desired. Other than that though, there is no blueprints that control that from my understanding. Note: If you do paint it on the maps, expect to have to cook ALL the maps out (example for theisland you would need to cook ALL of the submaps in your mod).

And my Twitch name is SinariSinestro (http://www.twitch.tv/sinarisinestro). What time would you want this stream to happen at? My schedule is pretty flexible today

I don’t regularly stream currently, but if people are really enjoying Ark Modding streams I’ll do them semi-regularly

As for doing that I would need to dig around as I haven’t really tried to work with messing with modifying crafting requirements, but it should be easy enough to find.

Though I haven’t been there myself, you can always poke around here: Official Ark Modding IRC - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

Also, even though you mentioned following written instructions may be difficult, I did outline step by step how to make a simple generic mod here that seems to have helped some: http://pastebin.com/k91ZpGzi

There is a tutorial video series here focused on level editing: ARK Development Kit Lessons - YouTube