Will scaleform UI's be affected by discontinued support for Flash?

Microsoft have stated they are discontinuing support for Flash at the end of 2020 (

Do we know if this will cause problems rendering scaleform HUD’s in UE3/UDK games?

Hello my friend. No worries. The discontinued support is just for the internet bowsers (flash player), they won’t play swf movies/animations on Firefox / Internet Explorer / Chrome / Safari / Opera, and so on.

As for the UDK Games, no, it won’t affect anything, because who renders the swf movie is Unreal Engine 3 itself, it doesn’t need any web browser to render the Scaleform HUD.

Unreal Engine 3 Games work on a Virtual Machine the Unreal Engine Virtual Machine:

So it works on its own, it doesn’t need external api to work, as for flash, it already has all the code to render flash movies.

That’s fantastic, because any UDK Game is portable, can run from even a USB Stick, there is no need to install the game to run. And it runs smoothly on any PC, nowadays.